Child BVM Resuscitator – Disposable

Resuscitator BVM Child Disp’le


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Made from sturdy silicone rubber, our single use silicone child resuscitators are a vital piece of emergency medical equipment for medical clinics, hospitals, ambulances to ensure the safety of even the youngest patients.

Our child-sized silicone resuscitator offers a variety of benefits. Its disposable nature makes it a cost-effective, easily accessible and hygienic equipment to use in emergency medical situations. It is also easy to disassemble and maintain for effective use. Operating the resuscitator is simple, thanks to its opaque construction that allows for patient monitoring, built-in pressure limitations that prevent excessive pressure, and built-in oxygen bag connections for easier ventilation.

These superior silicone child resuscitators are sourced from Besmed, a leading manufacturer specialising in high-quality and cost-effective respiratory care products.


  • Meets ISO- 8382 and ASTM0920 standards
  • Arrow shape texture surface for slip free operation in wet conditions
  • Faster rebound and less memory material applied for ease of operation
  • Clear resuscitation bag for ease of observation
  • High efficiency silicone duckbill patient valve minimizes back leakage
  • Provides low inspiratory and expiratory resistance
  • Built-in expiratory diverter
  • Meets ISO-5356-2 standard


  • 40cm h2O pressure relief for child and infant models
  • 60cm h2O pressure relief with lock function for adult model
  • 32mm reservoir connection for lower intake resistance
  • High efficiency reservoir system provides up to 99% oxygen concentration at low flow
  • Swivel elbow oxygen tubing connection for ease of access. Fits-all oxygen connector can be attached to flow meter directly
  • Clear air cushion mask provides better seal, ease of observation during access and also patient comfort

Standard Contents

  • Single use child 500ml resuscitator W/ 40cm H2O POP-OFF (W/O MDI Port)
  • Air Cushion mask Child
  • 2500ml Oxygen reservoir bag
  • Disposable Oxygen Tubing 2 meter