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Adult Nasal Cannula with 2m Tubing

Flexible oxygen tubing for supplemental oxygen therapy


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The Nasal Cannula is used to delivery supplemental oxygen to a patient in need of respiratory help. Also referred to as ‘Nasal Prongs’ these are used to administer oxygen to the patient via the nose to increase efficiency in gas delivery and provide a more comfortable and convenient delivery method.

Patient Notes: This product is designed for single patient use and is not intended to be reprocessed. Reusing, soaking, rinsing or sterilising this device with chemicals may leave harmful residues and my impede the functions of this device. Reusing single patient use device may also increase the risk of cross contamination. It is strongly advised that the product be used according to trained medical personnel’s guidance and the instructions for use before the marked expiration date

Standard Contents

  • Soft Tip Adult Nasal Cannula
  • Patient Cautionary Notes


  • Length 2m
  • Color Clear
  • Material Medical PVC
  • Nasal Prong Soft Tip


  • Soft, transparent, odour free vinyl to ensure the best fit and user comfort.
  • Flexible oxygen tubing prevents occlusion when tubing is kinked.