Sep 13, 2023
Mega Medical
Nebulisers — What They Are, How to Use Them, Cleaning Guide & FAQs Wondering what nebulisers are used for? If you need a quick refresher on how to clean a nebuliser or want to know if you can use a nebuliser without medication, keep reading to find the answers. What is a nebuliser? Nebulisers are...
Sep 07, 2023
oxygen flowmeter
Mega Medical
Understanding Oxygen Flow Meter Measurement: A Guide to Reading An oxygen flow meter is a machine that measures the flow rate of various medical gases. A flow meter is constructed from a tapered tube made from glass or plastic and contains a small, free-moving indicator such as a ball or bobbin. When valves are open,...
Mar 13, 2023
oxygen concentrators
Mega Medical
Your Frequently Asked Questions About Oxygen Concentrators, Answered Wondering how often to change the water in an oxygen concentrator? Need a refresher on how your concentrator works? If you’re curious to learn more about oxygen concentrators, this FAQ holds answers to some of your most common questions. Does an oxygen...
Mar 10, 2023
oxygen cylinders on trolleys
Mega Medical
Oxygen Cylinder Capacity: Understanding Different Sizes and Their Uses Oxygen cylinders come in a variety of different sizes — but not every size applies to every scenario. If you’ve ever wondered what the different sizes of oxygen cylinders are and when to use them, this guide is for you. Wondering how long a C-size oxygen...
Feb 08, 2023
person using oximeter to measure blood oxygen level
Mega Medical
What Is Blood Oxygen Level? You’ve heard the term blood oxygen level, but what does it mean? Read on to learn more about oxygen saturation levels, how to measure them, and why maintaining a proper blood oxygen level is so important. What is your blood oxygen level? Simply put, your blood oxygen level is the...
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