Resuscitation, Therapy, and Suction Equipment Repair and Servicing

Resuscitation, therapy, and suction repair and servicing

Mega Medical are the experts in medical gas and equipment servicing in Sydney. Flow meters, Regulators, Emergency resuscitation kits and Oxy-Viva repair and maintenance are among our specialties. From the date of purchase, all medical and medical gas-related equipment must receive accredited servicing to comply with NSW Health protocol.

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Equipment We Service

With our over 20 years of medical gas and equipment servicing experience, you can count on our skilled technicians to identify and solve any issues with your resuscitation, therapy, or suction devices.

During routine maintenance and servicing appointments, our thorough inspections can catch potential issues before they become the kind of problems that lead to equipment breakdown or failure.



oxy vivas




twin o vac

Twin O Vac



suction operator

Suction Operator

suction operator


Demand Valve Resuscitator – Oxygen (DVR)

Oxygen Demand Resucitator


Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

All medical and medical gas related equipment requires regular accredited servicing from the date of purchase. The preventive maintenance service program provides scheduled maintenance to our clients’ medical equipment.

Our services are performed in line with:

  • Manufacturer accreditation specifications
  • Strict internal safety and compliance guidelines
  • Australian Medical Standards: AS 3551 and AS 2896
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Medical Equipment and Gases Australia provides the installation of pipeline systems and medical gas manifolds for the non hospital market.

Performance and safety tests are provided inline with Australian Standards AS.2896.

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In the unfortunate event that your medical equipment breaks down, urgent repair servicing is provided for all Medical Equipment and Gases Australia clients. Please contact us immediately and one of our service technicians will make it their priority to service your equipment at the earliest convenience.

If we are unable to service your particular medical equipment at your location, we will endeavour provide you with loan equipment to use during the servicing period if required.

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We offer safety audits of your medical gas cylinders and medical gas related equipment. This service is completed by one of our accredited technicians and will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your equipment as well as the safe handling of medical gas cylinders.

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