Medical Gas Equipment Repair and Servicing in Sydney

It is frustrating when the life-saving and life-sustaining medical equipment and gases you depend on for delivering quality health services stop working. When faced with equipment failure, promptly call Mega Medical for cost-effective and professional medical gas equipment repair and servicing solutions.

Mega Medical provides medical gas equipment repair and servicing throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area. Our team of highly skilled technicians can perform service and repairs on all medical equipment and medical gas-related equipment.

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What Does a Mega Medical Gas Equipment Repair and Servicing Include?

Whether you have opted for routine preventative maintenance or call periodically for repair and servicing, you can expect a quality experience with Mega. Our servicing includes obligation-free quotes before any work begins. You always know up front what a service call with Mega costs. We also provide manufacturer accreditation and use specialised test and repair equipment when working on your medical gas-related equipment.

Customers who enrol in our preventative maintenance program can expect scheduled maintenance and routine checkups for their medical equipment and gases products. All our services are in line with manufacturer accreditation specifications, strict internal safety and compliance guidelines, and Australian Medical Standards AS 3551 and AS 2896.

Medical gas equipment safety audits

Medical gas equipment safety audits are available for all your medical gas cylinders and medical gas-related equipment. One of our accredited service technicians performs the audit. We recommend testing your medical oxygen cylinders every three to five years to ensure they are safely holding the maximum fill pressure.

NSW Health protocol outlines how medical gas cylinders must be stored and identified. Our service technicians check for compliance with all NSW guidelines as part of your safety audit. Customers are provided with a comprehensive evaluation of all medical gas equipment. Our technicians also offer guidance on the safe handling of medical gas cylinders and other medical gas-related equipment to ensure employee and patient safety.


When you choose Mega Medical for your medical gas equipment repair and servicing needs, we promise:

  • Courteous and prompt service from skilled technicians
  • Reduced gas usage and equipment efficiency
  • Increased patient safety
  • Improved practice operations and equipment performance

Resuscitation, therapy, and suction repair and servicing

Mega Medical are the experts in medical gas and equipment servicing in Sydney. Flow meters, regulators and Oxy-Viva repair and maintenance are among our specialties. From the date of purchase, all medical and medical gas-related equipment must receive accredited servicing to comply with NSW Health protocol.

With our over 20 years of medical gas and equipment servicing experience, you can count on our skilled technicians to identify and solve any issues with your resuscitation, therapy, or suction devices. During routine maintenance and servicing appointments, our thorough inspections can catch potential issues before they become the kind of problems that lead to equipment breakdown or failure.

Mega Medical’s On-Site Servicing Advantage

Our in-house and on-site inspections and repair services are an advantage to customers. Gain peace of mind with our skilled mobile service technicians when you require servicing or maintenance of:


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