i-gel Supraglottic Airway: A Revolutionary Method of Airway Management

May 24, 2021

The delivery of medical gases during anaesthesia and resuscitation, or in other applications, has always been something of a balancing act. On the one hand, the gas needs to be delivered effectively to the predetermined dosage level; on the other, the wellbeing of the patient is always a top priority throughout the entire procedure. Medical teams need a solution that can achieve this balance. The i-gel airway product is a revolutionary device that accomplishes both of these aspects without compromising on either.

A Much Safer and More Effective Approach to Airway Management

The product is manufactured using a medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer that is soft and gel-like in its consistency. This enables the tube to be inserted easily via the patient’s mouth. Once inserted, the cuff fits snugly over the top of the laryngeal inlet for effective medical gas delivery. Unlike previous solutions, which needed to be inflated after insertion, the soft structure of the airway gel works with the anatomy of the patient to achieve a more natural fit which provides significant benefits when it comes to patient wellbeing. With the outdated inflatable airway model, there was a danger of compression and displacement trauma around the laryngeal area. The i-gel cuff all but eliminates this, making such instances far less likely and supporting medical teams as they offer patients the care they need.

Both paediatric and adult models of the i-gel airway insertion are available. The two products work in much the same way, but the cuff and intubation insertion are stored and protected slightly differently ahead of deployment. The adult model utilises a protective cradle, while the paediatric size is fitted within a cage pack – both of these are manufactured from recyclable polypropylene for sustainability and responsibility in healthcare. Lubrication is applied via the cage pack or the cradle, and these components ensure that the i-gel airway product maintains the right shape and structure to achieve successful insertion.

Key Benefits of the i-gel Supraglottic Airway

As well as protecting the delicate laryngeal area of the patient, the i-gel product offers a whole host of additional advantages.

  • The structure and consistency of the i-gel cuff and tube are designed to make insertion swift and easy, eliminating any of the difficulties that can cause patient discomfort as well as other risks.
  • The seal pressure of the cuff is far superior to that provided by outdated models, giving a reliable solution to healthcare teams.
  • The i-gel features a bite block that is built into the structure of the insertion. This feature is not found on inferior products.
  • The product provides gastric access for clinicians and medical teams.

The product was first developed and released in 2007, after a long period of research into how the processes of medical gas delivery could be improved. More than a decade on, the product is now in its second generation and is much improved – it has revolutionised the way medical teams approach anaesthesia and resuscitation across the world.

i-gel’s second-generation product is available in three sizes for adults and in four sizes for children. Patients weighing as little as 2 kg and those weighing more than 90 kg can be treated using the innovative system.

Mega Medical: Providing i-gel Airway Products to the Australian Market

Here at Mega Medical, we are proud to be a licensed supplier of i-gel products in Australia. To learn more about the specifications of the product or to discover i-gel airway pricing and delivery information, take a look at our products page. You can also reach out to our team directly if you have any questions or queries.

View a diagram of the i-gel suppraglottic airway system.