How to Connect a Humidifier to an Oxygen Concentrator

Oct 12, 2022

How to Connect a Humidifier to an Oxygen Concentrator

Using an oxygen concentrator regularly may dry out your nasal passages, throat and mouth — especially if you’re using pure oxygen. Fortunately, a humidifier can help alleviate these symptoms and make oxygen therapy more comfortable. Wondering how to use an oxygen concentrator with a humidifier? Below we’ll discuss humidifiers and how to set up humidified oxygen at home.

Do you need a humidifier while on oxygen?

Before you learn how to connect a humidifier to your oxygen concentrator, you will want to determine whether or not you need humidified oxygen. Patient needs vary; a humidifier is not always necessary for those undergoing oxygen therapy.

You may want to consider a humidifier if:

  • You live in a dry or cold climate.
  • You use an oxygen concentrator while you sleep.
  • You consistently experience dry nasal passages or have a dry throat or mouth during oxygen therapy treatments.
  • Your doctor prescribes humidification during oxygen therapy treatments.

Understanding humidifiers

What is a humidifier bottle for oxygen concentrators? Humidifier bottles are medical devices that increase the humidity in your oxygen while using supplemental oxygen. These devices look like water bottles and have a special cap with a wing nut on top used for attaching the humidifier to an oxygen concentrator.

Some oxygen concentrators will come supplied with humidifier bottles, while others will not. These bottles are a common and affordable disposable medical supply and are usually sold at most online and brick-and-mortar medical supply stores.

Oxygen humidifier bottle instructions should be included with the product. They will tell you how to put water in your oxygen machine to help humidify the oxygen flow. No instructions? No worries. Learning how to put a humidifier on an oxygen concentrator couldn’t be easier. Just follow the steps below.

How to hook up a humidifier to an oxygen concentrator in 6 steps

So, how do you put a humidifier bottle in an oxygen concentrator? The process is simple.

  • Step 1: Fill the humidifier bottle with distilled water to the fill line. Be sure to keep the water level in between the minimum and maximum fill levels.
  • Step 2: Reattach the cap of the bottle. Be careful not to cross-thread the cap and the humidifier bottle, as this can cause leaks.
  • Step 3: Strap the bottle onto the concentrator.
  • Step 4: Attach the humidifier adapter tubing or the oxygen outlet to the wing nut located on the top of the bottle.
  • Step 5: Attach the free end of the oxygen tubing to the oxygen outlet port on the concentrator.
  • Step 6: Attach nasal cannula tubing to the humidifier bottle outlet. Turn the concentrator on and ensure all the connections are tight to ensure that you’re receiving the right levels of humidified oxygen for your treatment.

How to put water in an oxygen machine: Dos and Don’ts

Now that you know how to set up an oxygen concentrator with a humidifier, here are a few dos and don’ts to follow so that you can make sure your concentrator is working safely and properly.

  • DO sanitise the humidifier bottle at least once a week.
  • DO NOT put your humidifier bottle in the dishwasher.
  • DO replace disposable humidifier bottles at least every two weeks.
  • DO ensure there are bubbles in the humidifier once your concentrator is on. A lack of bubbles can signify a leak or misconnection.
  • DO NOT use tap water in a humidifier, as this can cause mineral buildup in the concentrator. Always refill with distilled water.
  • DO NOT overfill the humidifier bottle, as this can damage the concentrator.
  • DO wash your humidifier bottle daily to prevent harmful bacteria from growing.

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