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Mega Medical is Australia’s leading supplier of medical equipment, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Mega Medical is Australia’s leading supplier of medical equipment, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Australian-owned and operated, Mega Medical proudly serves all Australian states and territories health services and supplies medical equipment , nationwide. We provide our customers with access to high-quality products, backed by the excellence of our customer sales and support division.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy at Mega Medical is simple: our success depends on your satisfaction. Mega Medical’s customers are at the heart of everything we do.

We strive to meet your needs and your expectations for medical equipment products and services. Our quality products and dedication to excellence in customer care are a powerhouse combination. Mega Medical’s friendly and capable team members can assist with any questions you have concerning our products. Our experienced technicians can help with any issues you encounter. Focused on being the leading medical gas equipment supplier in Australia, Mega Medical ensures you have an A+ experience from start to finish.

Integrity and Reliability at the Core of our Values

At Mega Medical, we pride ourselves on operational excellence. Our company culture embraces reliability, quality, and commitment to a positive customer experience. We appreciate and respect every member of our team and value the opportunity to serve all your medical equipment and gas product needs. From your first contact with our team to ongoing support, we treat you like a member of the Mega Medical extended family.

When you choose Mega Medical, you can expect the following:

  • Commitment to you and your overall experience with our company
  • Integrity drives our team members to provide excellent customer service and to keep the promises we make about our products.
  • Reliability means that when you need us to supply your medical equipment and gases needs, you can count on us to be on time with the same quality products you have come to expect from Mega Medical.
  • Respect for your time and your needs is a top priority for our entire team, from our knowledgeable sales representatives to our experienced service technicians.
  • Quality is synonymous with Mega Medical, with only the best medical equipment and gases products available.
  • Trustworthiness means we seek information to ensure we are meeting your expectations and needs, taking the time to communicate clearly and provide plenty of opportunity for input.

Why Choose Mega Medical

Mega Medical is a leader in medical equipment services in Sydney. Our friendly and qualified staff can help you find the products and services you need to deliver superior health services. First responders, dentists, and other health services providers trust Mega Medical to provide access to top-notch medical equipment in Sydney and throughout all Australian states and territories as well as after-sales spare parts & excellent customer service and equipment repair.

When you choose us, you are selecting more than a medical equipment product and equipment servicing provider – you are opting for a partnership with a company that values every transaction and is passionate about helping to meet your needs. You can count on only the best products from trustworthy suppliers when you work with Mega Medical. Reach out today to connect with our team.

Australia’s Leading Supplier of Medical Equipment

Mega Medical is a trusted supplier of medical equipment and medical gas equipment in Australia, serving some of the most prominent health services in Australia including  Surf Life Saving Australia and St John Ambulance Australia.

We are members of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and a manufacturer accredited product services provider for a number of major manufacturers for example Comweld, Parker, Gascon, Ohio Medical and more.

It is our mission at Mega Medical to provide our customers with access to the highest-quality medical gas equipment, and other medical equipment and accessories. Our nationwide service network ensures health services from Queensland to Western Australia have the medical equipment needed to provide top-notch care. Mega Medical uses only the best shipping methods, including Australia Post, DHL Express, and TNT Express. We are committed to getting your medical equipment products to you on time, every time.

Visit our products and services pages for a complete listing of all medical products and equipment servicing options available. Contact our knowledgeable support team for assistance if you have difficulty finding what you need. We are happy to assist.

Access to Top-Notch Medical Equipment and Services

Providing medical gas equipment in Australia is one of our specialties.

Not only are we a top-rated medical gas equiptment supplier in Sydney for more than 20 years, but we also offer our clients medical gas equipment servicing. Mega Medical handles gas regulators, flow meters, and manifolds and installations. Sedation equipment service is also available from our highly skilled service technicians. Our medical product range includes:

  • Analgesic and Anaesthesia. Our analgesic and anaesthesia delivery systems ensure patients receive safe administration of medications for pain management and sedation in hospital and other health services settings.

  • Emergency Oxygen and Resuscitation. Our product line includes resuscitators, valve resuscitators, and resuscitation masks for the reliable and timely direction of oxygen and other life-saving measures for patients in medical distress.

  • Medical Gas Related Equipment. From adjustable air regulators to oxygen flowmeters, we offer a range of medical gas related equipment.

  • Medical Oxygen Consumables. Oxygen therapy masks, oxygen therapy tubes, and nasal cannula with tubing are among the medical oxygen consumables we carry.

  • Oxygen Concentrators. Suitable for clinics, hospitals, and home care services, our oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen therapy to patients right where they need it.

  • Cylinder Accessories and Storage. Keep your medical gases stored safely when not in use with our range of cylinder accessories and storage solutions.

  • Suction Equipment. From suction aspirators to low-suction attachments, we carry a range of suction equipment for delivering life-saving and life-sustaining treatments to your patients.

  • Penthrox. This non-narcotic analgesic is inhaled for pain relief for stable patients under the care of a medical professional. Also known as the ‘Green Whistle’, we offer access to this drug alternative to morphine for qualifying health services

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