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Respironics SimplyGo Mini Concentrator with extended battery

Portable Oxygen Concentrator


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The Simply Go Mini, a lightweight and portable, oxygen concentrator (POC) is designed to help improve your quality of life with confidence allowing you the freedom to live as full a life as possible. This lightweight, reliable portable oxygen concentrator allows you to get out and go! The mini features an easy-to-read touchscreen and allows for oxygen settings 1-5 pulse doses.

Please note: The therapeutic use of Medical Oxygen requires a prescription, trained clinical assessment, and proper instruction on use. Medical Equipment & Gases Australia Pty Ltd requires a copy of the patient’s prescription before the product can be dispatched.

The SimplyGo Mini is a Pulse Dose portable oxygen concentrator. The oxygen is delivered in pulses during inhalation. Preferred by patients with a variety of oxygen needs, Pulse Dose is the most comfortable and affordable method of oxygen therapy. Offering five delivery settings, the SimplyGo Mini produces oxygen concentrations in ranges between 87 and 96%, and up to 1 liter per minute with its adjustable flow settings, all in a small package that is sleek and elegant in design.

Lightweight and Impact-Resistant Design

Weighing in at 2.72 kgs with its extended battery attached, the SimplyGo Mini from Philips Respironics is the ideal portable oxygen concentrator for home use as well as for travel. Its firm, well-proportioned surfaces have been damage-tested for maximum impact resistance, keeping its interior mechanics intact and dependable through continued use and movement.

Optimal Portability

Another benefit of the SimplyGo Mini’s compact design is its discreetness. The SimplyGo Mini’s carrying case fits like a satchel over the shoulder, similar to a laptop case or a handbag in appearance. The device and its accessories fit snugly into the case, even giving the user access to the SimplyGo Mini touchscreen interface at the top of the case.

Advanced Alarm Systems

The SimplyGo Mini will alarm its user of any concerns during therapy, including low battery levels, low oxygen concentration, limited or halted breathing, absence of flow, power failures, or technical errors.

LCD Touchscreen Interface

The SimplyGo Mini’s Color LCD Touchscreen Interface displays luminous and user-friendly controls for a flawless menu experience. Smooth to the touch and highly responsive, the touchscreen provides immediate access to the SimplyGo Mini’s 5 Pulse Dose settings and device tools for a personalized therapy experience.

Mobile Power Options

The SImplyGo Mini with extended battery provides a duration of up to 9 hours on a pulse setting of 1, 20 BPM. The extended battery is rechargeable via the standard AC power adapter, or by using battery charger accessories. In addition, a standard DC adaptor attaches to any12V outlet for a mobile charging option, giving oxygen patients the convenience of recharging from a vehicle or other mobile source.


  • Sound Level: 43 dBA typical at setting 2 and 30 BPM; 46bDA typical at setting 5 and 20 BPM
  • Operating Temperature: 41 to 95 F
  • Altitude: Up to 10,000 Feet (3,049 m)
  • AC Power Input: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Output 19 VDC, 6.3 A max, Power Consumption 120 W while charging
  • DC Power Input: 12-16 VDC, Output 19+/-5% VDC, 6.3 A
  • Charge times: Std battery 4 hours maximum; Extended battery 8 hours maximum

Pulse Settings

  • Setting 1: 11 ml. Output up to 220 ml/min
  • Setting 2: 22 ml. Output up to 440 ml/min
  • Setting 3: 33 ml. Output up to 660 ml/min
  • Setting 4: 44 ml. Output up to 880 ml/min
  • Setting 5: 50 ml. Output up to 1000 ml/min

Battery Run Times

  • Setting 1 = 4.5 Hrs Standard; 9.0 Hrs Extended
  • Setting 2 = 3.5 Hrs Standard; 7.0 Hrs Extended
  • Setting 3 = 2.5 Hrs Standard; 5.0 Hrs Extended
  • Setting 4 = 2.0 Hrs Standard; 4.0 Hrs Extended
  • Setting 5 = 1.5 Hrs Standard; 3.0 Hrs Extended

Standard Contents

  • 1 Extended lithium ion battery
  • DC cord/adapter
  • AC cord/adapter
  • Device carrying case
  • Accessory bag
  • 12 x Nasal Cannulas
  • 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty


  • Pulse Dose Delivery
  • Lightweight and Impact-Resistant Design
  • Optimal Portability
  • Advanced Alarms Systems
  • LCD Touchscreen Interface
  • Mobile Power Options