Porter MXR Sedation Flowmeter Package

Medical Nitrous Oxide Sedation Analog Mixer

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Porter's anaesthesia equipment is designed with Australia's clinicians and medical teams in mind, giving them the capability required to achieve excellent levels of care for patients. This package from Mega Medical includes: MXR Series Nitrous Oxide Sedation Flowmeter and Scavenging System. This unit is fullly compliant with all Australian standards including AS2896 and AS3840 and also complies to the ADA Policy 6.17 for Conscious Sedation.


1. The MXR-3000 has been the most trusted and recognised flow meter featuring Porter precision glass indicator tubes and ergonomic single motion controls. The MXR 3000 is designed for those who would prefer an at-your-side vertical flow meter.

Another superior feature of the Porter MXR Series is the control it provides to clinicians during patient care. Clinicians can set the O2 and N2O mix ratio by regulating the N2O percentage. This enables effective sedation and anaesthesia for all patients, including paediatric care cases. The controls of the device are also more responsive than other units on the market, enabling swift dose adjustments as and when required.


2. The Porter scavenging system is the only double mask (mask-within-a-mask) system. The Porter double mask scavenger breathing circuit features an outer hood and the option for either a flexible auto-cleavable or single-use-disposable inner liner. The inner liner creates a complete, yet comfortable seal around the patient’s nose – thus assuring the Porter mask’s superior scavenging efficiency.

Mega Medical is the licensed distributor for these products on the Australian market. 


What's Included:

1. The Porter MXR Flowmeter

2. Three Litre Silicone Reservior Bag

3. 1 x Scavenging circuit with in-line Vacuum Control

4. 1 x Autocalvale mask and 3 x liners (Adult or Child)

5. Nitrous and Oxygen Elbow adapters to comply with Australian Standards


Optional Accessories: Please call our team to discuss the best options for youe

- Wall Bracket (Telescoping and Articulating)

- Under Cabinet Mount

- Tri-Cylinder Trolley

- Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide Hosing

- Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide regulators



Porter MXR 3000:

1.On/off switch, oxygen flush button, and oxygen quick connect.

2.The Porter MXR can be equipped with either a standard breathing circuit with In-Line vacuum control or a breathing circuit with the patented Automatic Vacuum Switch (AVS) control.

3. A clearly defined scale provides better ease of use than a digital display. 

4. No power is required to run analog flowmeter system.

5. Easier to service and repair compared to digital models.


Scavenging System:

1. Unique design, comfortable, quiet and safe.

2. Features an outer hood and the option for either a flexible autoclavable or single-use-disposable inner liner.

3. Includes : 3 2 litre resiviour bag, fresh gas tubing, scavenger breathing coaxial tubing, adult or pediatric autoclavable hood (with 3 inner liners) vacuum line hose and options to include the Porter Automatic Vacuum Switch or In-Line Vacuum Control.

4.The inner liner creates a complete, yet comfortable seal around the patient’s nose – thus assuring the Porter mask’s superior scavenging efficiency.


Silhouette Mask (Optional Accessory):

1. Low profile design with tapered fresh gas outlet to fit perfectly over the patient's airways.

2. Improved infection control in line with hospital / medical standards.

3. Clear mask allows a better observation of patients breathing.

4. lightweight, compact and easy to store.

5. Single use.



  • Flowmeter: Indicates flow in L/min and percent N2O of total flow with accuracy of ± 5%. Includes Diameter Index Safety System (DISS) for N2O and O2 connectors.

  • Flowmeter Tubes: Direct reading flow tubes for Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide for accurate, visual flow readings.

  • Dual Seal Fail-Safe: Automatically reduces N2O if O2 is shut off or pressure is reduced.

  • Gas Control Block: One-piece, solid aluminum construction. Eliminates internal gas leaks.

  • Gas Flow Adjustment Knobs: Control knob-type knobs for quick, accurate, one-hand adjustment of gas flows.

  • Emergency Air Valve: Automatically provides patient with ambient Air if gas flow is interrupted for any reason.

  • Non-rebreathing Check Valve: Prevents rebreathing of used gases and guards against CO2 build-up.

  • Positive ON / OFF Switch: Eliminates possibility of accidentally leaving the machine on. Color- coded for Oxygen.

  • Oxygen Power Flush Button: Provides extra delivery of O2 . Button is accessible to override all other gas flows and deliver 100% O2 .

  • Color-coded for Oxygen. Flow Control knob: Total flow adjustment knob which controls flow of both N2O and O2 at any desired concentration. Total flow can be adjusted without affecting concentration. Includes posi-stop needle valves for adjustment of all flows—prevents damage to valves and seats. Oxygen Quick Connect: Facilitates connection of resuscitation equipment to the central system. This unit meets Australian Standards AS2896 and AS3840 .



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