AirSep Focus

Efficient, portable AirSep Focus Oxygen concentrators with battery pack options available.

Leading suppliers of the Airsep focus oxygen concentrator in Sydney, mega medical is your reliable supplier of this portable medical oxygen concentrator unit. We have the best price on the air sep focus units and can provide ongoing support for any breakdowns or technical support you might need. This category has air sep focus for sale in NSW and we also offer a hire option as well. Mega medical can also provide professional fixing of your medical oxygen concentrator and regular maintenance of the unit. At less than 0.8kg, Focus by AirSep, is the world's smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator available anywhere. The unit comes with 2 batteries, shoulder strap, power supply, patient manual, 12 x nasal cannulas and much more. If you are looking for a oxygen concentrator that allows you to stay active and let you continue on with your daily life then this is a great choice. Call mega today on 1300 881 824 and experience the difference of a company that cares about you!

AirSep Focus Battery Pack

AirSep Focus Battery Pack

BRAND: Chart Australia

SKU: ASBT023-1