Oxygen Concentrator Information

Operating instructions, Warnings and Cautions for Oxygen Concentrators:

It has been determined by your health care professional that supplemental oxygen would benefit you. The healthcare professional has prescribed an oxygen concentrator and has set a specific flow rate to meet your needs. You should never change or alter the flow rate without authorisation from your healthcare provider.

Oxygen concentrators are not considered life support or life sustaining devices but are intended to provide supplemental oxygen to persons requiring oxygen therapy.


Operating Instructions:

Your Mega representative will review the safe operating instructions of your oxygen concentrator. Ensure that you understand how the unit operates. Should you have any questions or concerns you will find the user manuals on our website along with instructional videos or you may phone our office for a representative to review with you the safe operating instructions of your oxygen concentrator.

Periodically, we advise to you use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior case of the unit ensuring all dust/debris has been removed from air inlet locations.



A warning means there could possibly be harm to the operator or the patient.

Ensure that your concentrator has unobstructed access to ventilation. Keep the unit 15 to 30cm away from walls, furniture and curtains. It is not advisable to place the concentrator in a small closed space such as a closet.

Servicing of this device should only be performed by an authorised and trained technician. Do not attempt to remove the cover on this device.

Should you have an alarm fault or at any time experience signs of discomfort while using this equipment consult Mega and or your health care professional immediately. If you feel you have a life threatening emergency you should always call 000.

Oxygen generated by this concentrator is not considered to be life supporting or life sustaining. This concentrator provides supplemental oxygen only. In certain instances oxygen therapy may be hazardous. Any user is required to seek medical advice prior to using.

If your healthcare provider determines that the interruption in the supply of oxygen may for any reasons have serious consequences to the user, an alternate source of oxygen should be available for immediate use.

Oxygen should always be kept away from heat or open flame as oxygen is vigorously combustible.

Do not smoke, allow others to smoke or have any open flames near the concentrator while in use.

Never use oil or grease on the concentrator or its components as these substances, when combined with oxygen, can significantly increase the potential for fire hazard or personal injury.

Never use the concentrator if the power cord or plug is damaged and do not use extension cords or electrical adaptors.



Do not place liquids on or near the unit. Should a liquid spill on the unit, turn off the power and unplug the unit from the electrical outlet prior to cleaning the spill. Notify Mega if the unit does not continue to work properly.

As always, should you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our staff and we will strive to respond to your queries as quickly as possible.