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Quality medical air supplier in Australia

Mega Medical is the leading quality medical air supplier in Australia. For more than 20 years, we have provided affordable access to the best medical equipment and gases in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Customers can choose from a variety of medical gas cylinder sizes to meet their needs.

Our medical gases are popular with aged care facilities, dental clinics, medical centres, and veterinary practices. 

What is Medical Air?

Air, the earth’s natural atmosphere, is a non flammable, colourless and odourless mixture of gases in which nitrogen and oxygen predominate. It is supplied as a gas in high pressure in steel or aluminium cylinders.

Medical grades of air are used for human respiration in breathing apparatus, drive suction venturis and for surgical tools.

What are the uses and applications of Medical Air?

Medical air is used commonly within the healthcare system as a replacement for atmospheric air. This means all the pollutants have been removed and it’s clean of any odour or floating dust in the air. In addition, Medical air is used in Sedation or Anaesthesia/ Analgesia. Medical air is used in recovery or mixed with other gases.

What are safety precautions when using medical air?

There are no side effects of taking Medical Air. However, tell your doctor if you do feel unwell after taking the medication.

There are complementary products required for the safe storage and administration of medical gases. We can provide a list of everything you will need when you place your order.


Medical gas cylinder sizes from your medical air supplier Australia

Mega Medical offers medical gas in several sizes to ensure we meet the sizing requirements of our customers. The size you choose depends on your storage capacity. Our customer support specialists can help you identify the appropriate medical gas cylinder size to suit your needs. At Mega Medical we supply 4 different sizes for medical air in the Sydney metropolitan area.

  • C – 550L
  • D – 1,800L
  • E – 4,000L
  • G – 9,300


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Medical air compressor Australia

Mega Medical’s medical air compressors are designed specifically for medical application. Your patients are guaranteed an uninterrupted airflow in any situation when using one of our medical air compressors. We pride ourselves on our reputation as a quality medical air supplier in Australia, offering access to medical air compressors and medical air to our customers in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

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How much does medical air transport cost?

When you purchase your medical air from Mega Medical, medical air delivery is free. Our skilled delivery drivers bring your medical air and other medical gases direct to your door twice weekly. We extend our free transport services to customers in the Sydney Metropolitan area only. Customers must place their orders by 3 p.m. the previous business day. A $30 minimum order total applies.

See our Medical Gas’ FAQ’s for more information.

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