Carbon Dioxide

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Reliable medical carbon dioxide supplier

Dentists, medical centres, and veterinary practices rely on Mega Medical as their medical carbon dioxide supplier in the Sydney Metropolitan area. For more than 20 years, our team of support specialists, skilled service technicians, and delivery drivers have collaborated to ensure our clients have convenient access to medical equipment and gases. All our medical gases meet the Australian industry standard for health services medical equipment and supplies. You can count on us to fulfil all your medical gases needs and provide ongoing support for our products.

What is Medical Carbon Dioxide? 

Carbon Dioxide is a non-flammable, colourless and odourless gas. It is liquefiable under pressure, with refrigerant properties in the liquid phase and is supplied in cylinders as a liquid under its own vapour pressure of approx. 5,000 kPa at 15C. 

What are the uses and applications of medical carbon dioxide?

Medical applications for Carbon Dioxide include its use as a pure gas or in specialised mixtures with other gases in stimulation of breathing & anaesthesia. Therefore, the uses and applications include:

  • Sedation or Anesthesia/Analgesia
  • Breath stimulation and regulation 


Safety Precautions of Medical Carbon Dioxide?

What are the safety precautions when using medical carbon dioxide?

In the event you breathe in too much Medical Carbon Dioxide (more than 6%). In this case, you’re highly likely to suffer from headaches, confusion, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, rapid and heavy breathing. 

At even higher levels of Medical Carbon Dioxide (more than 8- 10%) you will be dizzy and become unconscious. 

At very high levels (more than 30%) in addition to unconsciousness, you will have extremely high blood pressure, very low heart rate and ECG changes. 

Convulsions may also occur. When you stop breathing in Medical Carbon Dioxide, all these effects are reversed.

Always follow prescribed instructions and seek medical advice if you feel unwell or think you may have taken too much Medical Carbon Dioxide. 

What are the Available Cylinder Sizes that Mega Medical supplies?

At Mega Medical we supply 4 different sizes for medical carbon dioxide in the Sydney metropolitan area.

  • C – 1,800L
  • D – 5,900L
  • E – 14,500L
  • G – 30,000L

Medical use of carbon dioxide

Medical CO2 is primarily used with anaesthetics to ensure patients continue to breathe easily during surgical and other medical procedures. When used for anaesthetics, CO2 helps
anaesthetics rapidly take effect and remain consistent in one’s system. It is also used for stimulating breathing during emergency resuscitation and for calming breathing in persons
who are hyperventilating.

Complementary medical equipment helps in the safe and effective delivery of medical gases like CO2. Our Series O Carbon Dioxide Regulator by Comweld is popular for use with a portable CO2 bottle system. Our support specialists can make sure you have everything you need when placing your CO2 order.

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Safe transport for medical gases

Safe transport is crucial for maintaining the efficacy of medical CO2 products. Mega Medical never contracts its gas delivery. Our skilled and knowledgeable drivers deliver all medical gases to customers in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Mega Medical’s delivery services are free for customers who meet the following conditions:


  • Located within Sydney Metropolitan area
  • A minimum $30 medical gases order
  • Order by 3 p.m. the business day before the scheduled delivery

Talk to our customer support specialists if you have questions about our free transport options when you place your order, or see our Medical Gas FAQ’s.

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Buy medical carbon dioxide near me

Mega Medical is a leading supplier of medical CO2 in Sydney. Not only do our skilled drivers deliver your medical gases, but our knowledgeable technicians can also provide servicing and maintenance for all your medical gas related equipment. You can organise a hassle-free visit from our technicians to evaluate your medical equipment and gases on-site with minimal interruption.

Enquire about these additional services when you place your medical gas order with our customer support. We are happy to assist with all your medical equipment and gases needs.

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