Manifold Medical Oxygen - 1x1

Auto Change-Over Manifold for low to medium flow

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The auto change-over medical gas manifold is a compact supply system for installations requiring uninterrupted low to medium flow capacities, typically 1 - 4 theatres with simultaneous flow.

The manifold consists of two banks of cylinders, one on each side of the pressure control assembly. The position of the lever determines which bank of cylinders is "in use" and which is "in reserve". The manifold draws gas from the "in use" cylinder bank until it is emptied.

The manifold then automatically starts drawing gas from the "in reserve" cylinder bank. When the emptied cylinder bank has been replaced the level should be moved to the other side to reset the manifold.



  • Duplex line relief valves
  • Change-over and line failure pressure switches
  • Change-over and line failure test point bleed valves
  • Gas specific auxiliary / service supply inlet
  • Mounting plate
  • Modular inlet header system for system expansion
  • Australian made



Max. Inlet Pressure:  20,000 kPa @ 15ÂșC
Outlet Pressures:  1,400 kPa (nominal)
Flow Capacity:  up to 1,000 l/min
Outlet Connection:  1/2" Brass tube fitting
Header Connections:  Gas specific as per AS.2896
Cylinder Leads:  Gas specific as per AS.2473
Auxiliary Inlet:  SIS as per AS.2896
Weight:  9.4kg



Body:  Chrome plated brass bar stock
Fittings:  Brass and chrome plate brass
Tubing:  Copper
Filters:  Cupro Nickel



The "complete" system specification incorporates all the features and components required by a medical gas system as detailed in AS-2896.



Brand Gascon

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