‘Little Red’ — the Compact But Comprehensive Resuscitation Kit

May 24, 2021

Resuscitation equipment is vital for providing emergency prehospital treatment at your workplace or other organisation. Perhaps you are operating a healthcare facility and you need the right kind of resources to provide emergency care. Maybe you need an extreme sports or combat sports resuscitation kit for your gym or venue. Mega Medical provides resuscitation solutions for a number of different use cases.

The Little Red resuscitation kit is one of these solutions. It is small and compact — the whole thing fits into a lightweight but durable bag — but it is certainly powerful. In the hands of trained medical personnel, this small resuscitation kit is ideal for urgent, pre-hospital care.

A Robust Solution, Easy to Store and Carry

Before we take a look at the contents of the kit, let’s examine that bag a little more closely. The resuscitation equipment is intended to be used on the move, and the bag is a big part of this. It features a handle and shoulder strap for easy carrying. As well as being tough and convenient, the bag is also fitted with reflective tape for safe operation even in dimly lit areas or on roads. It is made from easy-clean material designed with health and hygiene in mind, and it features an additional sleeve for storing and securing the medical oxygen bottle used in care. The bag and its contents weigh around 2.5 kg, or 6.5 kg with the addition of an oxygen cylinder.

A Comprehensive Set of Equipment

Inside the bag, you will find what you need to provide life-saving care. It contains a medical oxygen regulator and flowmeter (1-25 LPM), as well as a disposable silicone adult resuscitator and a reusable silicone child resuscitator mask. These resuscitators are backed up with adult oxygen masks and a child-size oxygen mask — to be deployed when emergency oxygen delivery is required when the patient is conscious. Both mask sizes are fitted with tubing for easy connection to the cylinder.

Airways are also included in three different sizes, each one colour coded for easy identification and deployment. The 100 mm airway is colour coded red, while the 90 mm is yellow and the 80 mm is green. Time is of the essence when it comes to providing care in a first-response environment, so this colour coding makes the operation of the child and adult resuscitator simple and straightforward. There is also an instruction manual included within the kit to assist with training and operation.

The equipment is compatible with C-size oxygen cylinders, which are purchased separately. While colour coding, simple assembly and the provided manual make the Little Red kit easy to use effectively, there are some important caveats to this. First response resuscitation kits like this one should only be used by a highly trained and fully qualified medical professional. Failing to provide training — or failing to ensure that everyone who will be using the kit has the necessary level of qualification — could put lives at risk.

The Little Red Resuscitation Kit, Provided by Mega Medical

Mega Medical is a registered and approved supplier of the Little Red resuscitator kit. Our expert technicians provide repairs and ongoing maintenance services for your emergency healthcare equipment, helping you to ensure that your resuscitation equipment is ready for use when required. All of these services are offered in accordance with Australian Standard 3551.

Take a look at the Little Red resuscitator or reach out to our team to learn more.