Flowmeter Medical Oxygen 200cc

Amxex Flow Meter for Medical Oxygen, Paediatric Low Flow

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World leading Canadian Manufacturer Amvex Provides a medical flowmeter which is robust and accurate. Mega is a leading medical gas equipment supplier that specialises in quality gas flow meters medical equipment.


  • Gas specific inlet fitting to prevent connection to wrong gas type
  • Colour coded inlet fittings, outlet fittings, and control knobs for quick recognition of the gas used by the flowmeter
  • Incorporates durable impact resistant polycarbonate outer and metering tubes
  • The flowtube design provides clear readability with large bold print lines and numbers providing 180ยบ visibility
  • Paediatric therapy applicable



Weight (grams) 300
Flow (LPM - Litres Per Minute) 0 - 200cc 
Inlet Pressure (kPa) 400 
Inlet Connections SIS Oxygen Handwheel
Colour Coded White - Medical Oxygen 


The flowmeter is a pressure compensated flowmeter that delivers an accurate prescribed flow to the end user from the gas source. It is suitable for most types of respiratory therapy in the low flow neonatal area. Accurate medical oxygen flow meter guage for low flow applicaitons.



Brand Amvex
Unit Of Measure ea

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