Equipment Hire and Rental


This policy applies to cylinder rentals and products hired from Medical Equipment and Gases Australia Pty Ltd (Mega).

This policy includes, but is not limited to:-
- Medical Grade Cylinders
- Oxygen Concentrators
- Oxygen Therapy Kits
- Regulators
- Flowmeter’s
- Twin O Vac’s
- Oxygen Conserving Devices
- Trolleys
- Bags

1. Minimum Equipment Hire Policy
1.1. All products hired from Mega must be rented for a minimum of 3 months and payable in 3 monthly installments.
1.2. The 3 month rental cost still applies for hire periods less than 3 months.
1.3. Equipment Hire will require the full 3 months rental cost paid upfront including the delivery cost.

2. Cylinder Rental
2.1. Cylinder Rental will be charged on a per annum basis payable at the beginning of the term.
2.2. For accounts with high volume cylinder holdings, Cylinder Rental can be charged on a monthly or quarterly basis on request.
2.3. The Client shall pay Mega for Mega Gas and any Equipment Service Charge or Cylinder Rental Charge in full by the last business day of the month immediately following the supply or the last day of the month following that the Equipment Service Charge or Cylinder Rental Charge became due.

3. Premises and Equipment
1.1 Mega requires all hire equipment to be used in the correct application and maintenance of the equipment after instruction by a MEGA representative. Once the equipment has been accepted by the customer, you are warranting that you have received proper instruction and will rely on your own skill and care when using and maintaining the equipment. If the customer requires further instruction or assistance it will be their responsibility to contact Mega immediately. Mega assumes no responsibility for injury or loss sustained to the customer or any other end user as a result of the use of the equipment once the equipment has been accepted by the customer.
1.2 The customer acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for the safety, maintenance and good care of the equipment.
1.3 The customer must immediately notify Mega if there is any problem with the equipment.
1.4 The equipment hired must not be taken overseas or interstate without first organising this with Mega.
1.5 All equipment must be used for lawful purposes
3.1. All equipment and cylinders remain at all times the sole property of Mega.
3.2. The client shall not purport to sell, encumber, part with possession of, or otherwise do anything prejudicial to Mega’s title to the Equipment and/or Cylinders.
3.3. Clients shall keep legible and visible all trademarks and signs of Mega on Equipment and Cylinders.
3.4. Clients shall not make any alteration to the Equipment or Cylinders or allow any attachment to be affixed or used in the operation of the Equipment and/or Cylinders without the prior written consent of Mega.
3.5. Mega is irrevocably authorized to enter the premises at all reasonable times to exercise any of its rights or perform any of its obligations under this agreement and to do any ancillary thereto.