Emergency Oxygen Kit

Jun 23, 2021

Oxygen Equipment for Medical Providers

When breathing problems arise, medical professionals rely on emergency oxygen and resuscitation equipment to help save lives. Having the proper medical emergency oxygen kit on hand is an essential part of operating a medical facility successfully.

Emergency Oxygen Kit Australia

An emergency oxygen kit or resuscitation equipment is often the difference between life and death for some patients. When a patient’s breathing has diminished due to heart failure, asthma, pneumonia, COVID-19, pulmonary embolism, or something else, then it’s critical to have the proper equipment. An emergency oxygen kit supplies immediate oxygen to the patient struggling to breathe, relieves their discomfort, and stops any further damage that could occur to the brain due to a lack of oxygen.

Why You May Need an Emergency Oxygen Kit

When a person goes for an extended amount of time without adequate oxygen, they may develop a condition called hypoxia. Some medical guidelines recommend providing patients with oxygen if their levels fall below 94%. However, if oxygen levels drop below 90%, then a patient is in definite need of the use of an emergency oxygen kit.

When oxygen levels decrease, the patient will have other symptoms as well. Some other signs include:

  • Breathing rate drops
  • Restlessness
  • Turning a bluish colour
  • Pain in the chest area

Medical facilities also use medical oxygen during surgeries because their patient is under anaesthesia. This ensures the patient continues getting oxygen at the proper levels.

Places that Use Oxygen Equipment

Emergency oxygen and resuscitation kits in Australia are commonly used in doctors’ offices for surgery, physicians’ clinics, first aid rooms, day procedure centres, medical centres, dental surgeries, and more. Emergency medical workers and ambulatory staff are trained in the use of resuscitation and will also need to have oxygen equipment on hand for patients in distress. A portable oxygen kit is handy in these situations because it can be quickly moved from one spot to another in emergency uses.

Emergency Oxygen Kit Equipment — What’s Included?

Medical doctors, dentists, and other clinicians who invest in emergency oxygen equipment may wonder what exactly they will get with the kit. Here is a breakdown of the pieces that come with a standard oxygen kit for medical personnel:

  • Medical Oxygen Kit Cylinder C Size (Regulator / Flowmeter 1 – 25 LPM)
  • Cylinder Bag — this makes moving the oxygen convenient
  • Adult Oxygen Mask used in medical practice
  • Nasal Cannula for home patient
  • Adult Resuscitator

Each emergency oxygen kit provider may have slightly different items, so it is best to check with the supplier directly for the exact details.

Next Steps

If your medical facility is in need of emergency medical oxygen equipment Australia, then connect with us to obtain portable and easy-to-use oxygen. At Medical Equipment and Gases Australia Pty Ltd, we supply all the oxygen equipment necessary to assist with your clinical needs. You will find this kit is even useful in assisting with the accreditation requirements where an emergency oxygen kit is required. If you have a need for oxygen on a continual home basis, please contact our office to discuss our other options.