Emergency Oxygen and Resuscitation

Jun 30, 2021

Emergency Oxygen & resuscitation is a cornerstone of emergency medicine. This category includes oxygen equipment and resuscitation equipment for adults, children, and pets. Our equipment can be used across many industries including Aged care facilities, dental centers, medical centers, veterinary practices, sports organisations, event centers, tourism services, and many more. Every healthcare professional should understand the significance of this equipment in its importance to the emergency response chain.

Mega Medical, with over 20 years of experience, supplies the finest and most reliable medical emergency oxygen and resuscitation equipment in Australia.

What are the Emergency Oxygen and Resuscitation equipment:

No emergency oxygen and resuscitation equipment in Australia are complete without an emergency oxygen resuscitation kit. Oxygen resuscitation kits are an all-in-one solution for medical emergencies requiring emergency oxygen resuscitation. This equipment can range from devices to check vital signs to essential tools to deliver medical gas or treatments. Mega Medical has kits in all sizes to accommodate every need and situation. Aged care facilities, doctors, and dentists are among the health services professionals who find an emergency oxygen kit useful.

Some of the emergency oxygen kit equipment we provide include:

  • Pulse oximeter – for a non-invasive way to monitor a patient’s oxygen saturation levels
    Small and Large Resuscitation kits– for a portable emergency response where someone may be required to perform resuscitation or provide respiratory aid.
  • Oxy Viva 3 – All in one advanced resuscitation unit. Highly compact, durable, and portable unit suitable for resuscitation, suction, and oxygen therapy.
  • Portable Emergency Oxygen kit – Supply oxygen therapy on the spot and at a continuous adjustable flow.
  • i-Gel Supraglottic Airway – Revolutionary airway management device, made of medical-grade soft silicone and anatomically fits into the laryngeal Inlet to provide a natural, effective and comfortable fit.

Where to buy Emergency Oxygen and Resuscitation equipment?

Mega Medical is your one-stop-shop for all your emergency oxygen and resuscitation equipment needs in Australia, from oxygen saturation monitors to resuscitation kits.

Phone us on 1300 881 824 or contact us online. A member of our support staff will assist with your no-obligation quote.