Transport and store your oxygen, air and carbon dioxide gas cylinders safely and confidently with purpose designed carry bags.

This category is for the c size medical gas carry bag. It is ideal for emergency oxygen kits in smaller surgeries or medical practices and is capable of housing all you will need to provide oxygen resuscitation or oxygen therapy in a medical emergency. Lightweight carry bag with shoulder strap designed to carry a C size medical oxygen bottle and regulator. With a side pocket for conserving device or cannula/masks it is the perfect carry bag to your emergency medical oxygen bottle. This oxygen bottle carry bag is used by dentists, doctors, veterinarians, medical centres, paramedics, ambulance, nursing homes, nurses and more.The bag contains enough room at the top for your medical oxygen regulator to sit comfortably on the bottle inside the bag. The strong material, quality zipper and clear plastic window makes a very reliable and long lasting bag for your emergency oxygen unit. You will have peace of mind with the oxygen kit bag and know your practice is ready in an emergency.

Oxygen Cylinder Carry Bag

Oxygen Cylinder Carry Bag

BRAND: Xcel Medical

SKU: Mada1509