Nebulisers — What They Are, How to Use Them, Cleaning Guide & FAQs

Sep 13, 2023

Nebulisers — What They Are, How to Use Them, Cleaning Guide & FAQs

Wondering what nebulisers are used for? If you need a quick refresher on how to clean a nebuliser or want to know if you can use a nebuliser without medication, keep reading to find the answers.

What is a nebuliser?

Nebulisers are medical machines comprised of several components, including a mask or mouthpiece, the compressor, medical tubing, etc. But what does a nebuliser do? It’s designed to transform liquid medication into a vapour that can travel directly to the lungs. While a nebuliser can be used without medication, they’re more commonly used to administer medication to patients with lung disease, lung disorders, or respiratory infections such as COPD, asthma or bronchiolitis.

There are several different types of nebulizers, each designed to deliver medicine in a different way. The most common include:

  • Jet nebulisers. These machines use compressed gas to turn liquid medication into a medicated aerosol.
  • Mesh nebulisers. These nebulisers contain very fine filters that turn liquid medication into an aerosol when the liquid passes through the mesh.
  • Ultrasonic nebulisers. These machines use high-frequency vibrations, which create large particles of mist.

How to use a nebuliser

Whether you’re using a portable nebuliser or an at-home unit, machine operation is relatively simple. To use a nebuliser:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Ensure that all the components are connected.
  3. Fill the medicine cup up with liquid medication, then close the cup tightly to prevent spillage.
  4. Attach the mouthpiece and medicine cup to the machine.
  5. Turn on the machine.
  6. Put the mouthpiece in the patient’s mouth or attach the mask to their face. Breathe normally until all the medicine is used.
  7. Turn off the machine and clean the medicine cup and mask or mouthpiece for the next use.

How to clean a nebuliser

Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that the nebuliser works properly and prevents harmful bacteria from growing on its surface. Before you clean your nebulizer, unplug the machine to prevent injury.

Wash the medicine cup and mouthpiece in warm running water and then allow them to air dry on a sterile surface. Once dry, reassemble the nebuliser and let it run for 20 seconds, then disassemble the parts and store them in a sterile area until their next use.

You may use soapy water to clean the mouthpiece and medicine cup once a day. At least once a week, soak the mouthpiece and cup in a solution of one part distilled vinegar to two parts warm water.

Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the machine, avoiding the tubing. Be sure to change the filter as needed.

Nebuliser FAQs

What is a nebuliser machine?

Nebulisers are medical machines that turn liquid medications into inhalable mists or aerosols.

What are nebulisers used for?

Nebulisers might be used to deliver asthma medications to children but are also useful for other breathing treatments. Unlike inhalers, nebulizers deliver large amounts of medicine and can be easier to use, though the delivery process is often longer.

How does a nebuliser work?

There are several different types of nebulizers, and each nebulizer works differently. Ultrasonic units use vibrations to create mist, while jet nebulisers use compressed gas, and mesh nebulisers use a mesh filter.

What does a nebuliser do?

Nebulisers transform liquid medication into a medicated mist that patients can breathe in during treatment.

Can I use a nebuliser without medication?

You may use a nebuliser with a saline solution or purified, sterile water to help calm your nasal passages and lungs.

Can I buy a nebuliser for home use?

Yes, you can buy at-home nebulisers and portable nebulisers for personal use. However, you will need a prescription for the medication to use with your nebuliser.

Does a nebuliser help with breathing?

Nebulisers are helpful for patients with conditions like COPD, but they can be equally useful for people suffering from the common cold, flu, or other lung-related problems. This is because the right medication delivered directly to the lungs can help combat chest pain, wheezing, coughing, and other common breathing problems.

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