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About Mega


Our core business is the sales and service of 'Medical Gas and Medical Gases related Equipment'

Medical Equipment and Gases Australia Pty Ltd has been established in the New South Wales medical equipment market for over 20 years. Since its establishment mega has focused on growing and maintaining the skills and equipment required to deliver a responsive and efficient service. 
 Mega has a passionate team who are focused on providing quality service, products and support to a wide variety of clients throughout greater Sydney & Australia.

Our simple moto of 'Your Support for Life' has given our company a strong positive image in the medical industry. 


Company Philosophy


'Open and honest communication to both internal and external clients'.

To ensure our company philosophy becomes reality, our performance management process is directly related to the above philosophy. As a company we are 'word of mouth' focused. Our commitment to being known and promoted by our customers as 'open and honest in communication' is paramount to our goals and objectives. At mega we promote our specialised service so that we can provide you with the personalised service you need.


The Advantages


♦ Manufacturer accredited technicians

♦ Liability and Work Cover Insurance

♦ Medical devices retailer

♦ Manufacturer agent

♦ All work carried out to meet all statutory authority standards