Penthrox Product Information

Penthrox (Methoxyflurane) is a medicine which is used to reduce pain. It is a clear, almost colourless liquid with a characteristic fruity smell that becomes a vapour or gas easily once it has been poured into the Penthrox Inhaler.

Typical uses include:

Initial Examinations
  • Patients in Pain
  • Emergency Situations
Pre-Injection Analgesic
  • Prior to the administration of local anaesthetic
During Uncomfortable Procedures that may cause Patients pain
  • Breaks, Fractures and Dislocations
  • Chest Pain
  • Burns Injuries (dressing wounds)
  • Deep Tissue Wounds (cuts)
  • Minor Surgical Procedures (e.g. Sutures / Biopsy / Wart Removal)
  • Adjunct to Painful Procedures
  • Removal of Temporary Crowns or Bridges
  • Hand Scaling and Root Planning
  • Ultrasonic Scaling
  • Taking of Impressions
  • Extractions
  • Placement of Implants

Penthrox is in use by a variety of Organisations & Personnel
  • Public & Private Hospitals
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacies
  • Surf Life Saving Clubs
  • Day Procedure Centres
  • Mining First Aid
  • Authorised Nurse Practitioners
  • Ski Patrollers
  • Company First Aid Rooms
  • School & University Health Centres

How to Use Penthrox

1. Ensure the Activated Carbon (AC) Chamber (where applicable) is inserted into the dilution hold on the top of the Penthrox Inhaler.
2. Holding the methoxyflurane bottle upright, use the base of the Penthrox Inhaler to loosen the cap with a ½ turn. Separate the Inhaler from the bottle and remove the cap by hand.
3. Tilt the Penthrox Inhaler to a 45º angle and pour the contents of one 3mL bottle into the base whilst rotating and shake lightly.
4. Place wrist loop over patient's wrist. Patient inhales through the mouthpiece of the Inhaler to obtain analgesia. First few breaths should be gentle and then breathe normally through the Inhaler.
5. Patient exhales into Inhaler. The exhaled vapour passes through the AC Chamber to absorb any exhaled Methoxyflurane. 6. If stronger analgesia is required, patient can cover dilution hole with finger during inhalation. 7. Patient should be instructed to inhale intermittently to achieve adequate analgesia. Continuous administration will reduce time of analgesia. Patients should be administered minimum dose.
8. Replace cap on 3mL Penthrox bottle, place used Penthrox Inhaler in sealed plastic bag provided and dispose of responsibly after treatment.

Penthrox Instruction Manuals

Penthrox Product Information
This document provides a detailed summary of the characteristics and properties of Penthrox (Methoxyflurane).

Penthrox Consumer Medicine Information
This document answers some of the common questions people ask about Penthrox (Methoxyflurane).

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